Tips to become an iOS developer

iOS development is evolving rapidly. It’s not easy to write code without having a deep knowledge about the domain you are familiar with. You must have a very good knowledge and experience to become a professional iOS developer.

Learn how to structure your project, learn how to clean your code, learn how to build and run the app, learn how playground works, Learn design patterns and architectural patterns.





Make sure you have a good mac book and a good iPhone (personally i don’t like big screens but you can have at least iPhone7) for debugging your app in real device. I recommend you to start with simulators but its better to be with real device because you will be really happy to see the result in your phone or tablet device. Please make sure you have all the required tools. Without the required tool set you cannot achieve what you need.


Start coding

If you are a beginner and you don’t have a knowledge about basic coding skills, You should first start coding. Learn the basics of programming. Understand the Object oriented programming. There are two languages to develop iOS apps. Swift and objective-c. Don’t forget, You have to learn both languages, because your objective is to become a professional developer.

Objective-c is still dominating the world. Swift is like a growing baby. Apple has released a major version of swift on September 2016 with lots of major improvements. check this link for swift 3.0 release notes.

Learn objective-c and swift 

Buy a good and very theoretical ebook from an online store. Such as Amazon

Download the Swift Language books from iBooks.

Udacity’s iOS development courses.

Learn video tutorials

Stanford’s iOS development course which is available on iTunes and youtube.

Swift 3 VIDEO by standofrd university


Invest in latest devices for testing.

Apple just release new mac book with OLED mini screen and with many other improved features. iPhone7 and iPhone7s are released with some cool features. It’s good, if you can afford these devices for your development needs because you will be given latest APIs for the new features such as OLED tool bar control and etc.

Invest your time in developing sample apps



It will take much more time to become smarter in coding. Apply everything that you learned to the sample apps. Create some beautiful UIs. If you don’t have idea about design ask your friend for help.

Use dependency management tools

Always use dependency management tool for your project because adding third party library manually is really hassle. As your project grows you might need to add third party libraries to stop reinventing the wheel.  It’s really easy to update the latest versions of the added libraries using dependency manager. CocoaPods and Carthage are the mostly used dependency tools in iOS. Both are easy to use. I would recommend you the CocoaPods, because it is pretty easy to use.

Check the introduction video of CocoaPods


Learn Best practices

Best practice always makes you perfect. It’s good if you practice from the beginning. Learn best coding conventions. Learn best architectures such as MVC, MVVM and VIPER. Learn how to choose best libraries for networking.


Try to use GIT or any version control

Version control is really important, if you want to work with more than one developer on your project. Without version control, It is really hard to manage the code. You can work on your own, without interfering anyone else in your team. You can store your versions of your projects. You can monitor what your team is doing. You can revert your changes easily. You can Tag your releases and there are so many benefits using version control for your projects. I would recommend you to use GIT. Git is easy to learn and most of the companies are using it.



Buy developer account

It’s going to be a great journey and you’ve to give up your time and dedication to be a professional. Buy a developer account to upload your apps to the world. Learn how to create iPA files for the release. Learn how to create certificates and provision profiles. Learn how to add devices to the provision profile. Learn how TestFlight works. TestFlight is really professional tool to test your apps before you launch them to the public.



Application deployment is really easy. You have to be careful with the app bundle id, versions and icon images. Try to learn how to validate the app using Xcode. Learn how to use following tools to upload applications.

  • Xcode Organizer
  • Application Loader

Install the Application loader by going to Xcoxe -> Open Developer tool -> Application Loader.



Market your Apps

After you uploaded your apps, You should market your apps for people to download and enjoy. Do some App store optimizations.Write good title for your app. Write good and long descriptions. Use many suitable keywords in your description. Create good screenshots. Create an eye catching introduction demo video. Create a blog for your app. Promote your blog using SEO. People who visit to your blog will visit to your app too.

Social media is the best tool for your app. Share among your friends. Share it with developers & entrepreneurs Groups. Don’t just stop. Post on Linkedin and Pinterest and all the other social networks.  Promote using Ad word.


Hopefully, this brief article has given you a quick overview on how to become an iOS developer. Let me know what you think!


– Zumry





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