Mobile Application project Ideas for developers

I thought to give you some ideas about new mobile development projects. If you are new to mobile development, you may be thinking to establish a new and unique mobile app. Its good but my concern is 99% of your ideas are already implemented and hosted in Appstore or Playstore or Amazon Store.  Therefore my advice is to start code on a project that already exist in the market place, no matter if you develop WhatsApp or Facebook but you do it in your own way. Your blood is not same as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. You have your own thinking pattern and you are unique to the world.

I will list out some of the great ideas which i think it will be helpful for sure to build your own empire.


  1. Unique and revolutionized TODO app for kids.
  2. Virtual class room app.
  3. Announce your Blood group App.
  4. Rate your child’s Brain power.
  5. Food wastage app.
  6. Unique Puzzle game.
  7. Share your parking space via mobile app.
  8. WhatsApp like app for business people.
  9. Video chat app for doctors and patients.
  10. Best Rated food menu of a city.
  11. Songs with lyrics app.
  12. Teacher Student Collaboaration.
  13. Looking for Lift app idea.
  14. Vehicle Sharing app idea.
  15. Peer learning app.
  16. Funny video only app.
  17. Complete home automation app.
  18. Live voice translation app.
  19. GPS Tracker app for Gas and other home needs.
  20. Home based food seller app.
  21. Social App for software developers.
  22. Augmented Reality app for education.
  23. Virtual Reality app for education.
  24. Personal Finance and grocery management app.
  25. Check your blood pressure.
  26. Check your medical report app.


I will update the list constantly. If you have anything in your mind please write it to


Thank you very much.






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