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Hello guys, Today i would like to write something interesting. As a beginners you may be confused with the terms of Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality. I will show you the way where you can learn more stuffs about VR here. If you are a beginner to the development world, I will show you the best places to learn the technology. Virtual Reality is now trending. It is the future. It will bring the technology to some extent where we cannot even think of it now.


See inside the Virtual Reality Device

Virtual Reality is all about creating artificial, simulated and believable virtual world via computer graphics and rendering engines.

VR is evolved and it’s going to be a future of creative and intelligent content. It is used in many industries such as Video games, Education and training, Entertainment, Architectural designs, Sports, Filming, Aerospace, Real-estate, Tourism, , Healthcare industries and many more industries.

Buy a Virtual Reality device.


You should agree with me that, Virtual Reality handsets and mobile apps are increasingly gaining more and more space in the technology world. To see real power, you should own a Virtual Reality device for you to test and experience. I will list down some of the popular devices here.


There are much more devices in the market. If you are in the development hunt, I would suggest you to buy a good device first. If you’re looking for lowest budget, Google Cardboard is a lowest priced VR,. We know lot of companies have entered into VR market.

Learn Virtual Reality


You have lot of amazing tools and sdks to develop Virtual Reality mobile apps. By 2020, The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality market will be one of the main profitable market in the mobile application world.

There are many free and paid tutorials available to gain knowledge about VR apps. You can develop VR apps using following IDE.

Currently unity engines is most popular engine for Virtual reality development. Please note that the Unity Game engine is not only dedicated for game engines, It supports Virtual Reality as well. You can learn by clicking on this link


Unreal engine is fully supported for VR development. Unreal engine supports making games in virtual reality as well.


Read Developer guides & Articles about VR

Reading articles about VR will also increase your knowledge about the Virtual Reality. I will list down some of the great sites where you can get more ideas.


Google Cardboard & Daydream

Google Cardboard for iOS Developer

Htc Vive Developer portal

Oculus Developer portal

Oculus  blog

Read Quora about Virtual Reality

Read Medium article about VR




Watch Videos about VR



Check video playlists in Youtube

Creative videos in TED


Listen to Audios about VR


Voice of VR podcast

Enter VR podcast

Road to VR podcast


Nano Degree course about VR by Udacity

Udacity provides nano degree program for Virtual Reality. Nano degree program consists quality contents and career development education.  You have to pay $199 USD / month untill you finish the program. Go to this link for more info.



That’s all for now guys. i hope i gave you enough information to start to learn VR. I haven’t stopped yet. I will come up with more and more articles about VR and AR. It’s my interesting subject too. I will try update this article with new and latest informations in the future.

If you guys have any comments about my article please leave them in the below.

Thank you.!

– Zumry



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