Keyboard Shortcuts for iOS Developer in Xcode 8.2 and later

Why Keyboard Shortcut is important for iOS Developers?

We are in a world where time is equal to money. As an iOS mobile application developer you should understand that time is very very important when it come to work in mobile application projects. Get to know the keyboard shortcuts in Xcode IDE will help you to save some of your precious time.



Benefits of using Keyboard shortcuts


  • You will save your time.
  • You will increase you productivity and you will accomplish more tasks.
  • You will be able to code fast.
  • It will be more accurate when you write a lot of code.
  • You will be smart among other developers.



What are the Xcode keyboard shortcuts available?


You will see similar kind of screen when you create your project in Xcode.



Lets start to learn some keyboard shortcuts for Xcode


Show and hide Navigator ( Command + Zero

Show or hide Left Navigator. Press command + zero to hide the navigator area.  Press again to show it again.




Show and hide Utilities area ( Command + option + Zero )

Show or hide Utilities area. Press command + option + zero to hide the utilities area.  Press again to show it again.

Show Hide Utilities Area



Show and hide Debug area ( Command + shift + y )

Show or hide debug area. Press (command + shift + y) to show the debug area.  Press again to hide it again.


Keyboard Shortcuts to Clean, Debug, Run the project

This is the most important keys you should practice.

To Clean the Xcode project press (Command + Shift + K)

To Build the Xcode Project (Command + B)

To Run the project press (Command + R)



Keyboard Shortcuts to navigate through navigator




Please try to practice all the keyboard shortcuts in your day to day project. You will feel comfortable.


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