iOS Release Notes for iOS 10.3

File System Conversion

When you update to iOS 10.3, your iOS device will update its file system to Apple File System (APFS). This conversion maintain existing data file in original on your device. However, as with any software update, Make sure you create a backup of your device before updating.

Notes and Known Issues

The following items relate to using iOS 10.3 SDK to develop code.


Managed and Shared Devices

The ability to update devices from a remote server is in development and may not yet work as expected.


When an application invokes 

<a class="urlLink" href="">openURL:</a>

 on a [code]tel://[/code], [code]facetime://[/code], or [code]facetime-audio://[/code] URL, iOS displays a prompt and requires user confirmation before dialing.


The SiriKit car commands are still under development and it may not yet work as you expected.


SOS is only supported in India.


Safari browser supports the 


 media query now. This allows a web developer to provide alternate page styles for users who are sensitive to large areas of motion. User also can change his preference for reduced motion in the Accessibility section of System Preferences.

The latest iOS 10.3 removes support for SHA-1 signed certificates used for Transport Layer Security (TLS) in Safari and WebKit that are issued from a root Certification Authority (CA) included in the operating system default trust store. All other TLS connections will continue to support SHA-1 signed certificates until late 2017. SHA-1 signed root CA certificates, enterprise-distributed SHA-1 certificates, and user-installed SHA-1 certificates are not affected by this change.

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