I had a requirement to implement geofence functionality for flutter 2.0 application.

Project deadline was shorter and i was searching for a fully functional flutter plugin for both iOS & Android. I came accross many but non of them were working as I expected.

Plugin 1

The following plugin was working fine but it is not 100% free plugin. You have to pay after the quote is finished. So I gave up this one.

Plugin 2

I tried the following plugin. Later I went through this and noticed that, this plugin doesn’t utilize the original platform geofence funtionality. Instead, it was developed to geolocation & background location functionality. This will not work when your app is terminated.

Plugin – 3

Finally I got a plugin which was recommended by flutter team but it was not working for android 10 and above. I had to fork the original repo into to my repo and did the necessary changes.

The original issue was, background permission and there were some other modifications according to my need.

Even though it took time to fix the issues, Geofence is working perfectly in both iOS & Android now! 😊


      url: "https://github.com/zumrywahid/FlutterGeofencing"
      ref: master

I am planning to do some refactoring and upload the plugin to pub.dev under again. So it will be useful for others.