Time is gold and and life is short.

I would like to summarize the default keyboard shortcuts for intellij IDE based flutter projects. These are defaults and you can anytime in the preference tab.


This is the most important keyboard shortcut to fasten the development. for example if you want to add padding around a widget, you just press OPTION + ENTER to see the options to add padding.

SHIFT (double tap faster)

This is used in almost all the intellij projects to search everywhere.

OPTION + ARROW UP (press option and arrow up button 3 times to select the entire widget)

You need this shortcut very often to select the widget or cut and paste the widget to somewhere. This is very handy shortcut for me when the widget is very long.

Flutter Widget shortcut


If you want to see the widget definition to cross check the properties you have added, then this is going to be a great shortcut.

SHIFT + fn + F6 (If you are using touchbar then you need to press fn to see the function keys)

To rename the function or class name this shortcut is very importat. This is very crucial short if you always forget to add private method just like me 🙂

I just added only few most important keyboard shortcuts for flutter projects. Please write in the comment section if you think that i have missed anything.

Thank you!