How to Inspect HTTP Requests of your REST API for Android and iOS Apps

Hello everyone,


This post is going to every mobile developers who is going to work in REST base APIs.   Some time you may have noticed that web services act like weird. It is really hard to debug input unless our web service guy enabled server logger in webservice host.  To solve API error fast and debug in a simple way you can use the following way.


In this post i will show how to debug the HTTP headers without a help from our server.   What you have to do is, you just need to change the url end point to a different url end point which i will describe here.


I assume that you have a non working POST Web service call and it is failing due to a unwanted headers you are sending to server or else you are missing any header key and value.


Step 1 

Goto this url  and press the the button called “Create a RequestBin


Step 2 

Cope the url which is generated for us.  Don’t forget the url is alive for just couple of hours. (i think around 24 hours)



Step 3

Paste the url  in your request API call which is failing due to some issues.


I just replaced the generated url with  my test iOS Alamorefire POST request call to server.


Step 4

Now you can refresh this url (Don’t copy and paste the generated URL to browser)


Thats all. you can see the API Request body and headers which. Now everything is in your hand. if you think you are making mistakes in headers or body. you can fix them in your header array.

Don’t forget to replace your URL after you fix your bug. 😀






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