Guranteed Way to Free up your Hard Disk space in Mac Os.


As writer I assume that you have been visited here because you are a Mac OS X user and you are worried about the Hard Disk drive space.  I will show you a proven way how to Save some of your GB in an easy way.



Have you done following steps carefully?

  • Clean your Trash Completely?
  • Uninstall unwanted applications.
  • Clear your iTunes Album artwork files.
  • Use any paid Apps to clean the caches.


Still worried about the Hard Disk Space issue?

I have come up with a good solution. Please execute the following steps to save at least some of your hard disk space.


Create a New User Account In Mac User Groups


Goto System Preferences -> Users & Groups and create a new User account By pressing “+” in the left down menu bar.


Now you created a new account.

You will notice that a new folder will be created in Users Folder in your mac.

To check the folders, goto Finder and Press (Command + Shift + G) You will be  prompted to type the path Please type as “/Users” .

The other way is, Goto Finder and Do the following step

Type users in the prompt field


Open the newly created user account folder.

You will see the folders like below


How To Remove Folder Permission in Mac Osx

You may notice that there is a small red icon in every folder. That is because you are not permission to open or edit the folder. To lift the Permission issue,

  1. Goto User Folder.
  2. Select the Newly create user folder.
  3. Right click and Goto “info”.
  4. Goto Sharing & permission section.
  5. Add your Current user account with Read&Write permission.
  6. Apply the changes to Enclosing folders (See the images below)


Apply the permission to enclosing folders.



Now if you go and check the new user account’s folder red icon will be gone away. You can  Add files to the user account’s folders.



Transfer All your Files to your new Account

Please note that this is very crucial step. Now you have created the new account. Transfer all your files and backups to the new user account.

  • You can copy and paste the files to the folders inside the new user account.
  • You can Copy your data to your external hard drive paste it in your new account.


Login to your New User Account

Login to your new user account with the credentials you applied during the user account creation.


Delete your Old User Account

You have logged into the new user account. Make sure you copied all your files and folders without missing anything. Check all your installed softwares are working fine.


Now goto Preferences -> Users & Groups

Select your previously used User account and delete it carefully.

Now go and check your Disk space in Disk Utility

Applications -> Other -> Disk Utility


You will definitely see the huge different.


Please write your thoughts in the comments section below.



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