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Xcode Download (DMG File in Mac Os)

There are many ways to Download Xcode to your mac book, the easiest way is, to download Xcode is via Mac Appstore. Even though it is the easiest way, it is slow, most of the time.   Download Xcode DMG File Via Apple official site Visit  link to Download such as Developer Tools

Xcode issue : Could not locate device support files.

Updated for 12.0 (16A5288q)   Xcode issue : Could not locate device support files.  This error happens every time when you update your device OS to a latest version and try to run your Xcode project via device.         Why you should get this error This is because of incompatibality

File uploading example using AFNetworking (iOS Example)

  Today i would like to write an example of step by step guide to show  you how to upload a  photo and Photo Name using iOS AFNetworking library.     Why you should use AFNetworking Library Working with low level API is really  a time consuming task. To make your work

Keyboard Shortcuts for iOS Developer in Xcode 8.2 and later

Why Keyboard Shortcut is important for iOS Developers? We are in a world where time is equal to money. As an iOS mobile application developer you should understand that time is very very important when it come to work in mobile application projects. Get to know the keyboard shortcuts in Xcode IDE will

Mobile Application project Ideas for developers

I thought to give you some ideas about new mobile development projects. If you are new to mobile development, you may be thinking to establish a new and unique mobile app. Its good but my concern is 99% of your ideas are already implemented and hosted in Appstore or Playstore or Amazon Store.

How to add CocoaPods to your Xcode 8.0 project ?

Like other dependency tools such as npm, gradle RubyGems, CocoaPods is a dependency manager (Cocoa dependency manager) for your Xcode projects.Using this CocoaPods you can add third party open source libraries to your project very easily. CocoaPods contains lots of libraries to ease our day to day application development tasks. How to

Learn iOS with open source projects and codes for beginners

As a beginner, Learning something new is really challenging stuff. Learning methodology is different between person to person. One of the great way to learn programming languages is, reading quality codes.  Make sure you are looking at quality code with standards. If you are reading crazy codes you will end up crazy.

Learning Tips to gain knowledge about Virtual Reality

  Hello guys, Today i would like to write something interesting. As a beginners you may be confused with the terms of Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality. I will show you the way where you can learn more stuffs about VR here. If you are a beginner to the development world, I will

Tips to become an iOS developer

iOS development is evolving rapidly. It’s not easy to write code without having a deep knowledge about the domain you are familiar with. You must have a very good knowledge and experience to become a professional iOS developer. Learn how to structure your project, learn how to clean your code, learn how to

Git For Mobile Application developers

Git is a distributed version controlling system created to manage the Linux kernel.  Few advantages are, Reliability Efficient management of large projects Support for distributed development Support for non-linear development Even though git is managed by several user interfaces , Command line is the most common way to interact with Git. Installation

A typical .gitignore file for iOS Application Developers

In my previous article i gave you instruction about [code].gitignore[/code] for Android studio 2.2 projects. Here i will cover the .gitignore contents that you want to cover in  xcode 8.0 and latest projects.   [code] # Xcode # # gitignore contributors: remember to update Global/Xcode.gitignore, Objective-C.gitignore & Swift.gitignore ## Build generated build/