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Mobile Application project Ideas for developers

I thought to give you some ideas about new mobile development projects. If you are new to mobile development, you may be thinking to establish a new and unique mobile app. Its good but my concern is 99% of your ideas are already implemented and hosted in Appstore or Playstore or Amazon Store.

An Introduction to Android Operating system

  Android Operating System is widely used by people around the world. I will go through some technical details for those who wish to start their career as an Android Developer.   Who owns the Android Operating System? Google, They are the owner of the android. But Android is open source. It mean,

Google’s Fused location api vs Android’s Location API

When you work with location related functionalities you have two choices. But most of us choose Android location API. Some of us don’t even have an idea what Fused location API is all about.  I have written about both APIs. At the end of the tutorial you can decide which API to use for your

Learning Tips to gain knowledge about Virtual Reality

  Hello guys, Today i would like to write something interesting. As a beginners you may be confused with the terms of Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality. I will show you the way where you can learn more stuffs about VR here. If you are a beginner to the development world, I will