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Apps Git Will provide you totally free Resources (tutorials and step-by-step guide) for your ios and android mobile application development.  


Welcome to my blog page. This is Zumry, a self taught iOS and Android application developer. I am really passionate about developing mobile applications and helping other mobile developer by providing helpful and needful dev guides.

Apps Git provides you totally free Resources (tutorials and step-by-step guide) for your ios and android mobile application development. I know how hard it is to learn to code complex mobile applications and yep there might be few challengers to be faced but gradually you’ll realize they are quite interesting. My objective is to help beginners who just started their journey towards coding to make them an easy way by following my tutorials and step-by-step guide for your ios and android mobile application development.

AppsGit tutorials will be useful, relevant, expert-driven guidance that sets you in the right direction.  You can always write your perception in the comment box. Since we are targeting very beginners, I know its really hard to give them the exact knowledge as they expect. But i will write them carefully, So that the Beginners will understand the core of the technology.

My mission is to guide all the beginners. I will utilize all the Open source technologies such as open source libraries and open source frameworks to solve our problems.

I  will host all the samples in my github account. Samples codes will be publicly available for you guys. you can test, run and even use them for your own personal or commercial projects. But its good if you give a sound about it via social media.

AppsGit will Serves its best to improve user’s knowledge. As a reader, if you think AppsGit need to improve the articles or post or tutorials, please write it to us. We will do it without any delay (if we are not occupied to anything.).
Finally our Articles will give you up to date informations using latest version of the technologies. I will not try with the older or deprecated technologies. if incase if you need any help in a particular topic, We can delve into that. Xcode has just released its new version (Xcode 9.0 GM release) while i write the article.


Don’t copy any of my posts or images. It is totally prohibited. You are free to use our code in any of your free or commerical projects but not our posts or images.


Join with me to build a great and helpful community which brings affordable technology education to people everywhere in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.

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