Month: October 2017

Google Fused API Background Location Update with Retrofit

Step by step guide to develop a simple android application to upload the user’s location to the server via Background Intent Service using Retrofit Networking library.     Hello,   We will work on this with  Google’s Fused Location API and Retrofit. I will show you how to continuously update your device’s

Did you get android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException ?

Hello guys, Today i would like to explain about an exception that occurs very often for Android Developers.  I can imagine the situation, if you are a newbie or seasonal android developer you would definitely encounter android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException for sure.   This exception is predominantly thrown when an application attempts to perform a networking

Learn Gradle Basics (For Android developers)

As an Android developer, Learning Gradle will help us improve the building process of Android. Groovy is the language used to write Gradle build script files. Even though it is not necessary to learn groovy, we should understand the basics of the language. It will help us to improve our project building

How to Efficiently Use Gradle in Android

Hello everyone, Let’s talk something about Gradle now. Gradle is playing major in Native Android development these days. Using Gradle in an efficient way, will give you good impact on your project building process and APK releasing process as well.       How to identify or differentiate the App’s Debug and

Keyboard Shortcut for Android Studio in Windows & Mac Osx

Benefits of using keyboard shortcuts. Basically it will increase the productivity. You can do many task in a short period of time. etc.. I am going to show the default keyboard shortcuts for Android Studio.  You can change the shortcuts as per your need in the preference pane.   Description Windows/Linux Mac